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The marriage ceremony is the top most pompous & interesting among the entire social Ceremonies in Bangladesh. It is one of main festival to poor, middle even upper class people. People of all classes spent their almost economic ability for this purpose. Hence, Bengali people are very free to spend more for this ceremony. It has been centenary from a long time. In ancient time, bribe did not have any choice to choose her husband. The parents of bride took all types of decision regarding bride. At present, the environment Has been changed due to women education. Now a day, the women education has developed in Bangladesh. In Different sector, women have developed. At the same time, the dignity of women has increased. So, now a days, the personal choice of bribe regarding marry is bride got importance.

There some interesting stage in Bengali marriage ceremony. Such as Panchini (engagement), Gaye halud, Biye, Bashar Shajja, Bou-Bhat etc. Of course, another some functions are also arranged depends on the financial ability of the people.


Panchini (engagement) 

It is the first stage of pompous Bengali marriage ceremony. It is the function where Ring is given to bride by the guardian of bridegroom. The guardian of bridegroom comes to the house of bribe with engagement ring, sharee, sweet etc. At this occasion sweet is one of important item at any occasion of Bengali society.

Normally the father or mother of bridegroom gives ring to bride. At the absence of parents, any one senior relative of bridegroom gives the ring to bride. At this occasion, the date of marries and the amounts of ‘Denmahor’ are fixed by the discussion of the guardians of two families. ‘Denmahor’ is very important matter. It is the Islamic role. Bridegroom gives it to bride. The amount of ‘ Denmohar’ depends on the financial ability of the bridegroom.
The half of this amount is paid at the time of marry. It can be paid by gold or cash.

Any asset or cash will pay the rest of the amount in future. The total of ‘Denmohar’ mast be paid before the death of bridegroom. Hence, bride can excuse her husband. It is Islamic System.


Gaye Halud

Gaye Halud’ is for most interesting stage among all of the stage of marriage ceremony. It is arranged at the house of bride & bridegroom. The boys and girls of the house of bridegroom go to the house of bride with different items, which is necessary for this festival, such as Sharee,


Garland of flowers, Turmeric paste, Mehendi paste, sweet etc. The bride wears the sharee; flower’s ornaments then the girl besmear termaric paste on the body of bride. Then they distribute sweets to all. Normally they play songs.

On the same way, the boys & girls of the house come to the bridegroom house to enjoy the same festival there.

The evening of that day, “ Mehedi ” festival is stared at the house of


bride & bridegroom separately. The girls draw the beautiful design on hands of the bride & another girls. Sometimes they play songs of this festival. At the house of bridegroom, the same occasion is also arranged.

Sources: Khola-Janala (.com)


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